Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize financial literacy, making it accessible and understandable for all. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers to financial education and empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve financial stability and prosperity.

We believe firmly that this initiative empowers individuals from every background and financial situation to evolve, make educated financial choices, and grow. Our mission is dedicated to empowering everyone to gain knowledge and achieve financial security, by laying the groundwork for a future where financial literacy is accessible to all.

The Current Landscape

Despite 72% of US adults believing that they would be further ahead financially if they had received a personal finance class in high school1, only half of US states require stand-alone personal finance courses to graduate high school2. This pushes the responsibility of financial education elsewhere, primarily to family, financial institutions, and increasingly, social media. However, the reliance on social media, nearly matching school-based learning at 48%3, raises concerns due to potential misinformation and a collective mindset. While families can offer personal financial literacy, not everyone has access to financially savvy relatives, leaving a gap in foundational financial understanding in underserved communities. In the face of limited financial education within schools, financial institutions have a pivotal role and opportunity to bridge this gap. Their position as trusted thought leaders, coupled with direct access to clients' financial data, places them at a strategic vantage point to offer personalized financial literacy initiatives. However, the challenge lies in creating engaging content that competes with the dynamic and interactive landscape of digital social platforms. This presents an opportunity for investment in innovative educational tools that not only serve account holders but also solidify the institutions' commitment to financial empowerment and literacy.

Our Solution

To help financial institutions bridge this gap, we aim to provide a cutting edge, personalized, financial literacy learning platform that will be made available for easy integration through fintech infrastructure companies. This would allow financial institutions to leverage the data and educational information they already have, to provide a truly personalized learning experience to their account holders.  

Phase 1: The Malachi Beta

Due to aspects of our solution utilizing generative AI, it is imperative that we launch subsets of our final product in beta form. This allows us to leverage user feedback and usage data to improve the reliability and quality of our products before implementing with financial institutions. That is why today we are launching our generative video engine tool named Malachi. Malachi allows users to input a short prompt or a body of text and receive a video explaining the topic with a voiceover. You can also use natural language to edit portions of the video and swap between edits in real time. There is more to this video engine than meets the eye, and it acts as the foundation of our personalized financial literacy learning platform.

Phase 2: Expanding Capabilities

Utilizing the feedback and data we collect on videos generated with Malachi, we can improve the performance and reliability while we are building features on this platform. We are in the process of building the capabilities for the following:

- More templates and voices to tailor the look and feel of the video

- Interactive in-video data visualizations

- Personalized content adaptation in scripts, voice overs, and visualizations

- Interactive in-video Q&As

- A comprehensive analytics dashboard to allow financial institutions to create financial literacy video curriculums and monitor their performance.

- And many more based on user feedback and usage data!

We are confident in the scalability of this platform and its ability to address the need for engaging content that competes with digital social platforms by providing personalized video interactions unlike anything on the market. We describe the Malachi platform as a "video engine" for simplicity and metaphorical ease. However, it fundamentally extends traditional capabilities, incorporating advanced interactive personalization features previously technically unattainable, revolutionizing how users engage with content tailored to their unique financial situation.

Long Term Growth

Our current priority is developing features that empower financial institutions to create personalized financial literacy content for their customers. Addressing this intricate challenge naturally paves the way to resolve related issues, setting the stage for sustainable long-term expansion. The underlying fundamentals of a technology product that blends a knowledge base with a subset of data to build a personalized and interactive video can be applied to a myriad of other sectors, such as:

- Education in other topics

- Job onboarding and training

- Admin level insights to systems and processes

- Interactive marketing for increased customer engagement

- Retail product tutorials and troubleshooting

- And many more!

We believe that the technology we are building can be pivotal in solving many issues at scale, but we are laser focused on the mission that brought us to this point and we will be developing this product towards solving financial literacy with integrations into financial institutions for the foreseeable future.

Our mission is to empower financial institutions to revolutionize financial literacy for their account holders. With Malachi, our cutting-edge video engine, we're offering a personalized learning experience like no other. Together, we can ensure financial literacy is accessible to everyone. Join our cause, and let's transform financial education together.

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If our mission speaks to you, consider subscribing to our Pro tier. This will give you access to upcoming releases before the public and allow you to help us shape the future of financial literacy through your feedback. If you have other queries, contact us here!

Our mission is to make financial literacy universally accessible and understandable. We're committed to removing educational barriers and providing the resources necessary for all to achieve financial well-being. This initiative stands to benefit individuals from diverse backgrounds, enabling informed financial decisions and personal growth. We invite you to join us on this journey, contributing to a future where financial knowledge is within everyone's reach. Together, we can transform financial literacy into a tool for empowerment and prosperity. Join us in making financial education accessible to all.


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